Hello and Welcome!

Lucy Markewicz portrait

It’s hard to say when my love affair with food began really. Was it the “work of art” birthday cakes my mom used to bake me as a child or the veggie garden she helped me plant, which I attended to with pride and joy?  Or the years of helping my Ouma bake soetkoekies and my Nana her pickles and fruit cakes. I remember giving my Grade 12 teachers all homemade mince pies as gifts when leaving school… (These are a beloved family recipe for which I have become famous!)

I don’t think you can really pinpoint a beginning but rather its the culmination of a life enriched and inspired through shared experience. The gathering together and preparation of a shared a meal or celebration.

It was only years later when I began watching Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson on TV and experimenting alongside my husband, that all these past life experiences and memories came together to inspire a career in food. Tiny seeds, sewn deep inside the soil of life. From humble beginnings at the Shongweni Famers Market, on to Vanillé Cafe, Freedom Cafe, Renegade Kitchen and Cakelab, through to now where I find myself sharing my love of food and all things delicious online.

Through this platform, I hope to impart what I have learned over the years. My skills, recipes and a food philosophy grounded in nurturing and nourishing the body and soul. A deep desire to inspire connections through shared food experiences, along with my passion for creating a pretty plate. 

Having you along for the journey is what makes it all worthwhile.


P.s. When I’m not creating and shooting recipes to share with you here, I spend my time between commercial food styling and recipe development ( click here for my portfolio ), along with teaching online cooking classes either in a group setting or privately, for more info check out the link here.