Chocolate and Coconut Chia Pots

These Chocolate coconut chia pots are a go to recipe of mine. They’re perfect for breakfast or a guilt free dessert. The recipe makes 6, so if you’re like me, that means breakfast for the week SORTED.

They’re vegan – dairy and refined sugar free, so on top of everything else they are good for you too!

Download the recipe HERE.


100g Dates
1 Can coconut milk
220ml Water
20g Cacoa powder
5ml Vanilla essence
100g Chia seeds
60g Roasted coconut flakes
18-30 Raspberries


Place dates into a container with water and soak for a few hours or
overnight if you have the time. The next morning, blend all the
ingredients except the chia seeds until smooth.

Add the chia seeds to the puree and mix until incorporated. Pour into 6 small jars and leave to set overnight.

Top each jar with 10g roasted flaked coconut and raspberries to serve.


These jars keep for up to 7 days in the fridge so make ahead each week to have a super delicious breakfast or yummy snack ready when you want it!!

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