Greens Mac ‘n Cheese

As the Cold weather officially hits the East Coast I’ve been looking for some easy & tasty options for both lunch and supper!! And as some of you might know I am a huge lover of vegetables 🥦 I recently got Jamie Oliver’s VEG cookbook and had to make this Greens Mac ‘n Cheese. More-ish and utterly delicious I will definitely be adding this recipe to my arsenal! I’m single and often cooking and eating for one so this is great, as I can portion and freeze it for when I’m all cooked out!

2 Cheeses, tons of greens and the flaked almonds add the perfect crunch!! I love how the greens are incorporated into the sauce, which makes it a little easier to sneak past your kiddos. Give it a name like – “Incredible Hulk Pasta” and you’re A for away!

I used Nonna’s Foods gluten free butternut fusilli as I’m trying to stay away from gluten where possible. They’re a local small business that’s been making wheat and gluten free pasta for over 15 years!! I found them through Hupu – a local Durban web based app that curates the best in local artisan food and fresh produce, and delivers it to your home or office! I’ve been working with them recently and started doing a large portion of my weekly shopping with them. If you’re looking for convenience and a way to support the local community this is a goodie.

I’ve put a link to the recipe in here, give it a bash. And I’d love to hear your thoughts on the recipe to pop your comments down below.

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