Baked donuts with Rhubarb & Rosemary Compote

These guys were a quick experiment with one of my fave sponge recipes. I love taking a familiar recipe and being able to change up some ingredients to give it a whole new personality. Although the sponge can be made vegan, refined sugar and gluten free, the glaze and compote are made with white chocolate and sugar, respectively.

I recently bought some cassava flour from Gluten Free Me and decided this was the perfect time to trial it!

These are not your usual baked donut. The sponge is denser, but they are super yum and are a great every day treat. And I can see them being eaten on their own or lathered in nut butter (to keep them free of all the naughties) but equally topped with decadent ganache like I did here for a special occasion or weekend tea time treat!

I’ve included the standard recipe here too.

Download the recipe HERE.

I substituted chia seeds soaked in water for the eggs, coconut sugar for the castor sugar, and cassava flour for the standard cake flour.

I glazed the donuts in a coconut and Lindt white chocolate ganache. I didn’t have a vegan chocolate for the glaze but I did reduce the dairy by using coconut milk and then whipping the ganache to give it a thicker consistency and more solid white glazed look.

For the compote I was gifted some rhubarb and rosemary by Farm to Forks and couldn’t help but make a delicious earthy slightly savoury donut topping with it!


I use half the fruit to sugar ratio when making compotes and jams as I prefer to use natural products rather than artificial sweeteners. This ratio makes them way less sweet whilst still preserving the fruit for a good week or two.

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