Cherry Chocolate Slab Cake

Cherries are hands down one of my favourite fruits. I just love their ruby colour and juiciness. I know cherry season is still a few months away but I couldn’t resist them when I walked into Woolies and found these! I always have a bag of frozen cherries in my freezer too as they’re not that easy to find at a moments notice and I love knowing that they are there should a cherry craving hit!

In honour of the virtuous cherry I made this Chocolate cherry slab cake with white chocolate ganache and sour cherry syrupy compote. To be honest there will be a few more cherry recipes on here soon as I’m just can’t help myself.

This slab cake is reminiscent of the good old classic South African “beer box cake”, a home industry staple. But I’ve pimped this to the max with all things sweet, sour and creamy!

The chocolate sponge I’ve use here is my go-to eggless cake sponge recipe from Cakelab, which is so moist and delicious that its became our everyday recipe. (it also freezes beautifully, both the batter and the sponge so make extra to have at the ready when you want a quick chocolate treat.) I also used the white chocolate coconut ganache recipe from my Baked Donuts with Rhubarb & Rosemary Compote as I had some left over and froze the leftovers!!! So that makes this recipe vegan friendly but utterly decadent so you wouldn’t notice all the so called missing ingredients (like butter, eggs and cream)

Check out the recipe HERE.

When making the sour cherry syrup I like to use 1/3 of the weight of cherries in sugar, as this keeps the tart flavour but also makes it a healthier alternative to standard jams or syrups. You could easily use a Bon Maman Morello Cherry Jam instead of you wanted a short cut. OR if you’re feeling a little cheeky, spike it with some Amaretto or Kirsch 🙂

The Syrup also makes a great topping for pancakes, flapjacks or french toast. Basically I would put it on anything given half a chance 😉

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