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Green Tomato Chutney

I promise you will absolutely love this recipe for Green Tomato Chutney. The perfect Curry accompaniment, sarmie condiment or South African inspired charcuterie board staple. Get the recipe HERE. I’ve included some of the pics above and below that Craig Scott took on our visit to a local produce farm many years ago…. it was […]

Rosemary Baked Camembert

I’m quite a fan of cheese – throw pretty much any cheesy delight at me and I’ll scoff it down happily. This might come as a bit of a surprise as I also for the most part advocate a dairy free diet. Am I a hypocrite? Well here’s the thing…. I have found over the […]

Smokey Hasselback Potatoes

Fondly nicknamed “Hedgehogs” in our house, these fun baked spuds, were first served in a swedish restaurant back in 1953 and were named after the restaurant that created them, Hasselbacken. ⁠ Slathered in butter, which has been flavoured with liquid smoke, these babies will bring some yummy just braaied smokiness to a firm favourite of […]

Cherry Chocolate Slab Cake

Cherries are hands down one of my favourite fruits. I just love their ruby colour and juiciness. I know cherry season is still a few months away but I couldn’t resist them when I walked into Woolies and found these! I always have a bag of frozen cherries in my freezer too as they’re not […]

Baked donuts with Rhubarb & Rosemary Compote

These guys were a quick experiment with one of my fave sponge recipes. I love taking a familiar recipe and being able to change up some ingredients to give it a whole new personality. Although the sponge can be made vegan, refined sugar and gluten free, the glaze and compote are made with white chocolate […]