Virtual Interactive Classes

A creative at heart Lucy enjoys creating and sharing recipes that are familiar yet on trend and she believes that food fosters connection and can be a vital part of many of our fondest memories!! 

She loves encouraging people to find their way into the kitchen, taking the fear and trepidation out of cooking with many useful tips and interesting yet simple to prepare recipes.  With a focus on wholesome and nutritious food along with a splash of decadence and indulgence, Lucy is best known for her baked goods and her family style dining along with her trendy takes on old familiar classics.

Lucy’s is self taught with 17 years of industry experience (running her 2 cafes and also catering for Corporates and private clients alike – Vanille Cafe, Freedom Cafe,  Renegade Kitchen, Cakelab) . This along her unique style mean her classes have a comfortable and relaxed tone making them accessible to both the ametuer cook/baker and the out and out beginner! 

The classes are run using zoom which allows for multiple participants. Lucy sends you a detailed, recipe, shopping list and equipment list ahead of the class to allow you to be fully prepared.

Keep an eye out on her social platforms for her next group class or pop her an email to book a custom private class.

What participants have said about her classes

“Thank you for an excellent class! Sam and Noah loved it! The biscuits turned out so well. I am no baker but I am impressed at how well they came out and they tase delicious” Kerry

“We had such a fun time in Lucy’s baking class! It was perfect to do as a family, easy to follow instructions and we learnt lots of interesting tips and tricks along the way. The kids were so proud of the delicious treats they made and can’t wait for the next one!” Liesel

“Thanks so much Lucy for a great interactive cooking class. We had so many good laughs along the way and still managed to produce amazing tasting treats. Sadly the Friands didn’t last 24hours!! ” Jenni

“Our family had such fun with Lucy and her online baking class . We bake together often but it was great be able to try something new and ask questions as we went along. Lucy had great tips to share and her love for baking and cooking was evident as she took us through the class. The friands we made were so delicious and will definitely become a go-to treat in our house. We can’t wait to do our next one!” Gitta

“LOVED it so much and I was really impressed with the class and Lucy is too lovely and the kids had such fun! And now I have snacks for my tea!” Simone